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Security Solutions

A Holistic Approach to Risk Management

MAST Technology specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of bespoke solutions that offer a panoramic approach to security while acknowledging the demands of the modern superyacht owner. Our solutions seamlessly combine intruder detection, perimeter management, access control and lockdown facilities and can be fully integrated into existing infrastructure in both new build and refits.

Technology Based Security Solutions

Technology Based Security Solutions

MAST Technology offers an Innovative and Proven Suite of Integrated Security Products Protecting your Assets and Lifestyle

  • All MAST equipment is specifically chosen, designed and adapted for use in the marine environment
  • Our bespoke interface seamlessly presents a multilayered oversight of the security situation in real time.
  • With automated threat detection and panoramic oversight we offer intelligent solutions to monitor extensive networks
  • MAST Technology offer true integration as a benchmark in our all solutions. Design and installation alongside your existing infrastructure is key.
  • We are able to offer consultative and advisory services with regards to vulnerability, training and compliance