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The CCTV System 

The CCTV system delivers an active map of the vessel's decks, displaying location and status of all cameras. The system supports a multiple number of views and allows manual control of PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras. High capacity storage ensures appropriate retention period of the recorded video from all cameras, with ability to playback and export video from individual cameras.

The system typically features two large shared displays integrated into the bridge consol. One display shows a map of all camera locations and camera control, the other displays video from cameras. Additional CCTV displays with touch screens are typically installed in the Crew Mess and Engine Control Room.

Camera Block

Our Cameras

Our Cameras

All cameras are made to full marine environmental specification and have low light capabilities allowing them to operate in near complete darkness. In addition to traditional cameras, the system includes night and infra-red cameras.

'In our system, CCTV can be integrated into the mast superstructure allowing for 360 degree coverage at distances of up to 200 metres.'